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Ko Lanta Island- Krabi - Thailand.

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Tours and Excursions on Koh Lanta Island

Koh Lanta Island was completely covered in rain forests, supporting one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. While it's regrettable that most of this has now disappeared, a huge array of wildlife remains, Divers and snorkelers also flock to the region to appreciate the natural underwater spectacular. Its bounty offers colorful coral reefs and thousands of types of sea life, from the miniature but stunning nudibranch to huge whale sharks, manta rays and occasional whales. The reasons to learn to dive could not be greater.

Amazing plant life in Ko Lanta includes a myriad of unrecognized trees types, stunning palms and ferns, and the beautiful and breath-taking tropical orchids. The Andaman Sea itself is fabled for its wide mixture of teeming sea life, and local fishermens' catch are plentiful daily. From squid and small fish to giant tuna, marine and barracuda, the Andaman provides this area with a gastronomic feast of fresh seafood to delight the palate.

For those who want to try something different and exciting, the opportunity to try one of the available tours awaits. This page contains a short summary and links for all the tours and excursions on Ko Lanta, click into each heading to see full details.


Tour Diving Ko Lanta

Most of the scuba-diving shops are situated in Baan Saladan, at the north end of Ko Lanta, so if your primary objective in visiting the island is diving, it might be better for you to consider staying in the northern half. Prices vary little; equipment, meals, and shuttle service to and from your accommodation are usually inclusive.

Full day dive trips leave Ko Lanta about 8:00 in the morning, and return between 4:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon, depending on the dive sites visited. Many sites offer excellent snorkeling and non-diving participation is encouraged, with snorkelers welcome to join trips at reduced rates. Day trip take divers and snorkelers to two sites, and include breakfast and lunch on board.

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Eco Tour Ko Lanta

Eco-tourist-friendly, Tung Yee Peng is the best Mangrove forest located on the eastern coast of Ko Lanta . Tung Yee Peng is a project operated by UNDP (United Nations Development Program). Here you can learn about nature, how local people treat their natural resources, and the origin of marine life in the southern part of Andaman Sea . Tung Yee Peng will invite you into the world of the sea.

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Tour Kayaking or Canoeing Ko Lanta

Along the thirty-kilometer east coastline of Ko Lanta rich mangrove forests grow richly, creating interesting effects in the landscape. Take a kayak or canoe and explore tiny islands with limestone cliffs over one hundred meters high; discover large and small caves to paddle about in.

In the area known as Talabeng, nature has provided an excellent route by water through the rainforests. Various smaller mammals such as monkeys and squirrels can be seen, as well as a diverse collection of birds, and certain species of fish only found in this particular mangrove.

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Tour Fishing Ko Lanta

Fishing is another popular activity in the Andaman Sea . To maximize your experience, there are experienced fishing tours on the island, which take you to the best fishing sites, including Ko ha Ko and Ko Ngai. With proper guidance, you will be surrounded by mackerel, barracuda, swordfish, and marlin. Most fishing tours are fully equipped, though you are welcome to bring your own fishing gear.

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Tour Snorkeling Ko Lanta

If scuba diving is not for you, Ko Lanta offers a range of daytrips to visit stunning remote islands with spectacular shallow coral reefs, as a snorkeler. Trips are suitable for all ages, and typically include a relaxed lunch and time to enjoy the amazing beaches.

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Thai Cooking School Ko Lanta

This is a school like no other, situated right on the beautiful beach of Klong Dao, a three kilometre stretch of white sand backed by rain forest and jungle.

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Tour Elephant Trekking Ko Lanta

Elephant trekking is available on Ko Lanta, and can be arranged through your resort, or at the following places: just off the main road at Long Beach (opposite Red Snapper restaurant), turn left and follow the road for about 10 minutes; and near Mai Kaew Cave at Klong Nin.

This is a fun and enjoyable activity for the entire family, including small children. With many trips to select from, you can participate in a one hour “fun trip” or explore deep into the jungle.

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