Ko Lanta (Island), Krabi, Thailand.

Gateway To Ko Ha

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ko ha five island for scuba diving

Ko Ha or five islands

Ko Ha IsLand Lies between Ko Phi Phi and Hin Daeng, closer to Ko Lanta, and is made up of five small islands ( Ha is Thai for five ).There is only one small beachon these is lands, but the site is ideal for snorkelling and diving, with several divepossibilities.

Ko Ha Gallery

diving ko lanta

Ko Ha

The best of these is on Ko Ha Yai, where two enormous caverns are situated, their entrances at a 10-14 metre depth. A dive is best started from the reef to the west of the caverns, where there are some nice coral heads and fields of sea whips going down to a depth of 20 - 25 metres.

The caverns though, are without doubt the highlight. Divers can surface inside and see large stalactites hanging overhead, and the light coming info the caverns makes for some beautiful photographe. At the back of the east cave, is a small hole leading to a tunnel some 25m long, which ends in a chamber

Only those with appropriate training and equipment, and the relevant experience, should attempt this dive.

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