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Snorkeling Paradise

The island of Lanta has beautiful white sand beaches and a wealth of unspoiled nature to offer visitors. It is the ideal paradise in which to spend lazy days sunbathing and swimming in the sparkling waters. And while Ko Lanta itself offers limited snorkeling opportunities, the nearby islands truly cannot be rivaled for their amazing aquatic life.

Ko Rok is the best snorkeling spot with waters that have over 30 metres of superb visibility. The combination of virgin-white powder sands and crystal clear sea seem like a dream advertisement. Just off shore on Ko Rok is a square mile of coral reef with an underwater world waiting to captivate you.

Ko Mook and Ko Waen are two tiny, limestone islands off the south end of Ko Lanta. The tides can be strong, but right around the bottom of the cliff-face is a reef with plenty of both soft and hard corals, and large schools of fish and other sea life.

Ko Rok Snorkeling Tour

If you want to visit a real paradise on earth, this is the tour we recommend. The twin islands of Ko Rok Nok and Ko Rok Nai have remained almost completely undisturbed by the outside world, and a snorkeling trip to visit them can feel quite dream-like. With more than 30 metres underwater visibility and incomparable beaches, it's easy to spend the whole day snorkeling among the square kilometres of abundant coral and colorful underwater sea life.

The islands also boast a waterfall that drops 200 metres off of the edge of a cliff into the sea, and a forest of banyan trees, some a thousand years old. A quiet walk reveals glimpses of the fabulous nature - large monitor lizards walking past, troops of a million shell crabs crawling on the sands.

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Ko Rok Snorkeling

Four Islands Tour : Ko Ngai, Ko Mook, Ko Cheuk, Ko Waen

Undoubtedly the most popular tour locally, this one day package will take you to visit the famous four islands within Trang Province at Sea - Ko Ngai, Ko Mook, Ko Chuek and Ko Kradan. See the best beaches of the Andaman Sea at Ko Ngai and Ko Kradan. snorkel among the amazingly colorful soft corals and aquatic life at Ko Chuek and swim through the dark and experience an entirely different world at the end of Emerald Cave , Ko Mook.

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Ko Ngai Snorkeling
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Ko Phi Phi Island Tour

This trip offers the chance to experience one of the world's top ten most beautiful islands for the day. Visit the Viking Cave and see historic paintings on the cave walls and the camp of swallow's nests collected on the highest of the cave ceilings. Sight-see the flat high limestone cliff around the island of Phi Phi Ley until you come to Maya Beach, and discover for yourself why it's used as a Hollywood movie location. The busiest part of Phi Phi Don gives an opportunity for souvenir shopping, and of course, the snorkeling is fabulous!. This trip is only available by ferry boat.

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