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Kayaking and Canoeing on Ko Lanta

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kayaking ko lanta

Kayaking Tour

Since 1999, Eco tourism was become a popular kind of tourism in Thailand. People start to concern their nature resources. Ko Lanta is the one of all areas in Thailand which has national park “Ko Lanta marine national park” covered about 1/3 of all Ko lanta’s area. Here will provide you the unspoiled touch of nature. Padding through the mangroves forest, explore the caverns particularly beauty stalagmite & stalactite.

You will see another hushed side of your life. Two spots which are the most popular for kayaking activity, well known such as “ Talabeng island ” and “Tung Yee Peng”.

Talabeng & Bu Bu island

The two of the huge rocks stand still more than 70 meter height covered a few square kilometers. lies on the surface like the big giants who protected the treasure was named “Talabeng island”, was found that the ancient pirate ever used the series of the cavern surrounding this island to be their shelters.

The current here is still in between of the two rock is the area suitable from kayaking. Surrounding with the greenery forest, small creature Monkeys, Lizards mostly encountered around. Exclude touching of the fine nature, crystal clear water. Explore the series of caves would be the high light of the trip.

talabeng island
mangrove canoeing
lanta cave
lanta kayaking

Bu Bu Islands

bu bu island near lanta

Bu Bu Islands, the tiny Island located to the East of Ko Lanta, few minute from “Talabeng Island”. It’s such a privacy place, tranquility white sandy beach. Suite for swimming with white clear water.

Easygoing feeling with the scenic of Ko Lanta lies behind as background. take the rest, sunbathe, even a nap after kayaking. Would be the outstanding feeling you can absorb.

Tung Yee Peng ( Ko Lanta’s mangroves forest)

One of those Eco tourism “Tung Yee Peng” is the best completely mangrove forest located on the eastern coast of “Ko Lanta”, many route of cannels will lead you to the learn about the existent nature, see how local people treat their nature resource, Tung Yee Peng is one area of all around the world projects operated by UNDP (united nation development program) and Ko lanta communities development network the non profit foundation which concern of valuable of world environment, found out the place where the marine lives have begun, the origin of marine’s lives in southern part of Andaman sea start from this mangroves forest “tung yee peng” will invite you to the world of sea school.

mangrove at west coast of koh lanta
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